Relocating Your Washer & Dryer: A Seamless Experience with KP Plumbing in Diamond Bar, California

At KP Plumbing, we take pride in delivering top-notch plumbing services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Recently, we had the pleasure of assisting a valued client with a unique project: relocating their washer and dryer to the garage. Here’s how our team, led by Kevin and his crew, turned this endeavor into a successful and seamless experience.

KP Plumbing in Diamond Bar is a Team You Can Trust

Our crew of five professionals arrived promptly at the designated time, ready to tackle the task. From the moment we set foot on the property, we prioritized professionalism and precision in our work.

The Scope of a Washer and Dryer Relocation Job

washer dryer relocation

The scope of this relocation project was comprehensive and involved several critical components:

  1. Tying in the Washer Drain Line: We seamlessly connected the washer’s drain line to the main drain system, ensuring proper functionality and ease of maintenance. We also incorporated a cleanout for added convenience.
  2. Adding a Vent for the Washer Drain: Adequate venting prevents drain issues. We skillfully installed a vent for the washer drain, ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Tying in Water Lines: To facilitate the washer’s operation, we expertly tied the necessary water lines, guaranteeing a reliable water supply.
  4. Tying in the Gas Line for the Dryer: Safety and efficiency are paramount when dealing with gas lines. Our team executed the gas line connection for the dryer with precision and adherence to safety protocols.
  5. Adding the Dryer Vent Location: Proper ventilation is essential for dryer efficiency and safety. We carefully selected and installed the optimal vent location to meet these requirements.

 Our Dedicated Team

Kevin, Joe, Daniel, and their sons were at the forefront of this project. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to quality work shone through every step of the process. They not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations by delivering on all discussed aspects of the project.

A Seamless and Quality Experience

Our goal at KP Plumbing is to ensure that our clients’ plumbing needs are met seamlessly and to their satisfaction. This project exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that align with our clients’ visions.

washer dryer relocation

At KP Plumbing in Diamond Bar, California, we understand the importance of a well-executed project, no matter how intricate it may be. This recent washer and dryer relocation project testifies to our commitment to professionalism, expertise, and quality workmanship. We handle each and every job this way.

If you have a plumbing project in mind, whether it’s a relocation, repair, or installation, you can trust the experienced team at KP Plumbing to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to discuss your plumbing needs. Furthermore, we’ll deliver the same level of excellence that our satisfied client experienced with their washer and dryer relocation. Your plumbing solutions are just a call away!

Check out the review we received for doing a washer and dryer relocation job about 3 years ago .

5 star review
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We hired Kevin and his crew to relocate our washer & dryer to the garage. The crew of 5 showed up on time and were very professional. The work they performed included tying in the washer drain line to the main drain with a cleanout, adding a vent for the washer drain, tying in water lines for the washer, tying in the gas line for the dryer, and adding the dryer vent location. Kevin, Joe, & Daniel and their sons awesome. They did everything we discussed ahead of time & did quality work.  We could not be happier, and will definitely use Kevin and his team again.

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