03 Mar. 19

Kunal B

Kevin is fantastic ! He is as good as they can come, perhaps, better than the best out there.

After getting a runaround with a couple other local plumbers, I was hoping that Kevin would be “the one”; I’m so glad he was !

We were having our kitchen remodeled and needed someone to do the plumbing after the countertop guys got done with their part. Our schedule was tight and needed to have someone come in on a Sunday, right after the guys got done to set up plumbing and install the new dishwasher for us.

The communication with Kevin was outstanding from the onset. There was no beating around the bush, no frivolous talk and most importantly, no bait and switch. I sent him pictures of what the kitchen looked like at that moment, and he quoted me a max price for his work.

The price was more than reasonable and with Kevin being local, it was a no brainer.

From this point on, it was only a matter of communicating how the previous work was going and setting expectations with him of any possible delays on our side that might affect him. This was the part that impressed me the most. He was thorough in his follow-ups and let me know what I would need to procure before he got there, so that he did not hit any snags.

Kevin showed up on time, was immaculate in his craftsmanship and got everything done on schedule.  His pipe setup looks like an artwork and it’s a shame that it’s under the kitchen sink where very few people will be able to see it. He left us more than satisfied with the quality of his work.

Overall, being the sole person doing everything; the scheduling, communication and work, I was impressed by how efficiently Kevin runs his business, his honesty and the quality of his work.

I wish him all the best for his business. We will have absolutely no hesitation in using his services in the future, although we wish to never have the need to see him again ( no offense Kevin ! ).