03 Mar. 19

Jason P

Had a little emergency with my garbage disposal. Lucky for me Kevin had an opening in the afternoon.  He replaced the garbage disposal in no time!  I was expecting to pay an emergency rate, but that wasn’t the case at all. Then later that afternoon I heard dripping in one of my rooms,  I ran to check it out! Wouldn’t you know my ceiling was leaking! I went up in the attic and saw a puddle and a busted pipe! I called Kevin and he was just finishing up his day,  he was here to save the day once again.  He checked out the busted pipes as well as any other pipes that might need replacing.  He then gave me a brief lesson and why the green spots develop on the copper pipes. Again Kevin could have taken advantage of my situation. He’s very professional and very honest. I will not hesitate to call him again, everyone in the area should do the same….