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KP Plumbing is based in Diamond Bar, CA and has served the surrounding areas of Rowland Heights and Walnut with plumbing service and repair for over 10 years. Satisfied customers say that what separates KP Plumbing from the rest is honesty and quality. Therefore, we keep that reputation by providing premier plumbing service repair to every customer.

Plumbing Service and Repair

Often with plumbing estimates, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So our plumbing quotes are always given to allow for superior plumbing service. In addition, we keep your budget in mind. In our shop we carry many major plumbing brands and always use quality plumbing products. KP Plumbing stocks high-end plumbing furnishings and fixtures as well as basic supplies. We use only the most technologically advanced equipment which reflects the latest in plumbing technology.



If you need:

  • Leak Detection
  • Repiping with Copper or PEX pipes
  • A new water softener or reverse osmosis system installation
  • To move from a 40 to a 75 gallon hot water heater replacement
  • Rooter Services because your drains are clogged
    Then call the plumbing professionals at KP Plumbing serving Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, Walnut and surrounding communities.

We are a full service service & repair plumbing company located in Diamond Bar Rowland Heights and Walnut. Give us a call if you have any problems with leaks, drain stoppages (rooter services), faucet & valve repairs, water heater repairs, gas line repairs, and installation of new plumbing piping and fixtures. It is our goal to provide honest, reliable, & reasonably priced plumbing services in Fullerton and our surrounding communities.

When a plumbing problem takes your family by surprise you want it handled as fast as possible. You can count on KP Plumbing to your plumbing service repair:

  • Respond quickly to your plumbing service repair needs.  (we do not provide 24/7 service, sorry)
  • Count on our team of trucks and plumbing technicians to be extremely agile and timely.
  • Finish plumbing jobs quickly without sacrificing any quality of plumbing workmanship.

Find out even more about our dependability, exceptional plumbing performance, and competitive pricing by checking our Yelp reviews.

Residential Water Conditioners

These systems are the most commonly misapplied water treatment device in the Southern California market place. Sold using many different names “No Salt Water Softeners” – “No Salt Conditioners” – “No Chemical No Salt No Maintenance Water System” “Salt Free Water Conditioner” and many more names that make the consumer feel good. The description of what benefits they will provide are most often stretched way beyond their capabilities. Usually will include a statement that they are easily installed and will provide conditioned water for a significant number of years and/or gallons of water requiring little if any maintenance during this long period of time. Oh…almost forgot that they will likely say something like “provides bottled quality water at every tap throughout your home”. One more thing is they will promote that they leave the beneficial minerals in the water.

            The Real Truth About Water Conditioners…

  • These units do not produce soft water…if you test the water hardness entering the unit and the water hardness leaving the unit – there will be no reduction in the hardness.
  • These units should never be sold as a solution for hard water issues. 
  • Many variables need to be taken into account when stating how long a water treatment device will last…water quality – flow rate – water usage – consumer expectations. No professional water treatment person would ever make any claims on the length of time a unit will perform without first having the information above.
  • Most of the bottled water sold today is produced using the reverse osmosis process. These brands include Aquafina – DaSani – Sparkletts – Nestle Pure Life – Kirkland (Costco) – Members Mark (Sam’s Club) – your corner water store – any drink bottler or food manufacturer will use RO water to mix with their products.
  • The water will taste better after going through these units because the chlorine/chloramines have been reduced. The water by no means comes close to the water quality of the examples above. For that reason we would not make a claim that these units “will provide bottled quality water throughout the house”.
  • These units will not protect a tankless water heater or any other water heating device from the affects of hard water. That’s because those beneficial minerals are left in the water to become hard water scale.
  • If you are a consumer that has had a water softener prior in your life, you instantly will tell the difference and will not be happy with the performance or capabilities of a water conditioner. 

 Why Would Anyone Purchase One of These Units…

Well a conditioner shouldn’t be purchased to solve hard water issues, but they can provide a very important role in home water treatment. They will reduce the chlorine/chloramine content in the water, it is well known that these elements in the water are not a good thing. If you are concerned about the effects chlorine & chloramines in your water, suffer from dry or other skin conditions and want to improve the taste and/or eliminate the odor from your water. A water conditioner is a good choice for you.
Install a water conditioner along with a water softener and you now have not only provided protection and extended the life of all of your water using appliances, plumbing, fixtures and dishes, but also have provided aesthetically pleasing and better quality tasting water for your family.     

         What Can I expect From A Water Conditioner…

  • Better Tasting Water Throughout the House
  • Reduces the Chlorine and Chloramine Content for Showering, Bathing and Cooking
  • Filters Out Dirt and Sediment Automatic Self Cleaning – No Filters to Replace
  • Great for Children and Adults with Sensitive Skin
  • Inhibits the Growth of Bacteria, Fungi, Algae and Mold 
  • Reduces Some Heavy Metals Such as Lead, Copper, Iron, Nickel etc.

Residential Water Softeners


We are one of the few water treatment suppliers that offer both conventional Water Softeners and the “No salt No chemical” home conditioners, along with filtration systems and other alternative ways to treat your water. Making a decision on home water treatment can sometimes become confusing depending on who you listen to…because we offer all options for your home water treatment we can recommend the best solution for your specific application. Regardless of what some may lead you to believe there are no secret proprietary processes for treating your water.   

The Best Solution for Hard Water is a Water Softener

A water softener is always the best solution for hard water issues around the house. Here in Southern California we have very hard to severely hard water. A water softener when sized correctly and maintained will remove the calcium and magnesium from the water. These 2 elements are what cause the hard water deposits, spotting, reduce the efficiency and life span of all water using appliances around the home. Simply put, if these elements are no longer in the water – hard water issues cannot occur.
You will never see anything other than a water softener in a restaurant, hotel or any other commercial business. They know the benefits of soft water…they also know no other water treatment process or device will give them soft water. 

Water Softener Myth Buster
Four Misconceptions About Water Softeners

Hate that Slick Slimy Feel

Professional water softeners of today do not produce that slick slimy feel that many consumers either love or hate. In fact it is not uncommon for us to receive a call from a customer that recently had one of our softeners installed, saying that they don’t think the water is soft because it doesn’t have the same feel they remember. We will send them out a couple of water hardness test strips to make sure the water softener is working correctly and never hear from them again…water was soft, just didn’t have the feel that the old softening system produced. 

Don’t Want to Deal with All of That Salt

It wasn’t too long ago that water softeners for an average family of four would use 6-8 bags of salt a month. With today’s equipment we will use about 1 bag of salt, which needless to say is a huge reduction in the amount of salt required to operate a softener. The salt container or brine tank will hold 6 bags or enough to operate the softener for about 6 months…only requires adding salt a couple of times a year. Want to make it completely maintenance free – put the gardener in charge.

Salt in the Water is Unhealthful

The salt or sodium is used to periodically to clean the water softening media from the calcium and magnesium that has been removed from the water. All three elements are effectively then rinsed down the drain, the salt isn’t continually added to the water or left in the tank to go into the home. There is a negligible amount of sodium that will be released as the calcium and magnesium are attracted out of the water. This amount is generally less than the amount of naturally occurring sodium that we already have in our water supply. Using average Southern California hard water as a guide, 2 quarts of softened water will contain about 150 mgl of sodium. Other foods to compare 1 tbsp of catsup 178 mgl – 1 serving of the following – plain yogurt 159 mgl – chicken noodle soup 850 mgl – cheerios 284 mgl – green beans 354 mgl – (10) pretzels 1029 mgl. As you can see the amount of sodium introduced is a negligible amount compared to the sodium we receive from other foods in our diet.

Still not convinced…with our equipment you can use potassium instead of salt to operate the water softener. Potassium is available at all home improvement stores, located in the same area as the water softener salt.

My City Doesn’t Allow Water Softeners

The only city in Southern California that has restrictions on water softeners is Santa Clarita.  

So, there you have it – the honest information regarding the owning and operating of a water softener in your home. You now know why we will always recommend a water softener for hard water issues…it’s presently the only way to effectively soften the water in your home.  

A water softener when correctly sized and maintained will provide many advantages throughout your home. Here are just a few:

  • Cleaner Softer Laundry, Skin and Hair
  • Spot Free Dishes, Silverware and Shower Doors
  • Eliminates Mineral Deposits on Faucets, Fixtures and Pipes
  • Cleaning made easier
  • Great for Children and Adults with Sensitive Skin
  • Save $$$on all Detergents, Soaps and Cleaning Supplies
  • Extends the Life of all Water using Appliances…Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Tank & Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Coffee Makers etc.

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We Offer Precision Leak Detection Diamond Bar, California Services


Leak Detection Equipment

Plumbing is a vital system for every household that can’t be ignored. Water lines are overlooked way too often A proper plumbing system is Vital to run the house smoothly. Leaks and damage can create serious trouble, no matter how small they are. Our Leak Detection Diamond Bar, CA service offers you a wide range of plumbing services.

Are leaky pipes an issue with your home, apartment complex, or office building? Slab leaks are a common problem, especially in older homes. Water traveling both under and over is a recipe for possible damage. It may be easy to see a water leak coming from a floor above you. Even if your foundation is “waterproof” a leak in the pipes can go unchecked and can produce considerable damage along with high water bills that seem unexplained, Sound familiar?

A Leak can Ruin The Foundation if Leak Detection Diamond Bar, CA is not Hired on Time

Slab leaks can build up pressure under the home due to the foundation holding in most of the water. It can build up enough pressure after time goes by that the water will start to come out of any cracks in the foundation or slab which can result in unexplained wet spots out side, unexplained damp carpet areas in your home, hardwood floors absorbing up water causing them to warp. But it’s always not easy to find out the root or source of leakage.

Foundation leaks and even irrigation leaks in your yard can go unnoticed. The first indication that there is a problem is when you get your water bill and become aware that your bill is too high!

Why Slab Leak Detection and Repair is So Important?

Small slab leaks can often lead to big repair bills. If your water bill spikes or you have a drop in water pressure then have your pipes and plumbing inspected immediately.

Hence slab leak detection is very important. The cracks and the unsightly damage they leave behind can be repaired once the source of your plumbing problem is taken care of. Slab leaks are a serious plumbing issue.

Our experts do installation and repairing of every sort of pipe with proper care. Our Leak Detection Diamond Bar, California service has gained years of experience in this field. So we know what would be the best plumbing solution for your property. We also offer you all sorts of plumbing services at affordable costs with Diamond Bar Leak Detection.

Why Hire KP Plumbing For Repair of Leak Detection Diamond Bar, CA?

Our technicians:

  • Are always trained on this proprietary plumbing equipment at the manufacturer’s facility.
  • Ensure proper and efficient use of our electronic leak detection systems.
  • We have experienced plumbers with expert training.
  • Are equipped with the latest in leak detection technology.
  • Goldak Electronic Leak Detection Equipment Paired with Thermal Imaging
  • Our expert team of Slab Leak Detection Diamond Bar, CA has all the proper equipment and training to find out all types of plumbing problem and to repair it properly.

FLIR Thermal Imaging

Flir Thermal Imaging to make finding leaks in the walls and ceiling easier and less destructive to customers homes. With all of our experience in the leak detection diamond bar services there inst a leak we cannot find or there is no charge to you!

If you need any assistance with pipe installation, servicing, irrigation pipe maintenance, damage repairing etc, Call us to avail the best Diamond Bar Slab Leak Detection and repair services.

Key Benefit of Service

Whether you require basic drain cleaning or Precision Leak detection services, call our group of qualified and talented Experts. We take pride in our Plumbers and 5 Star service is our main goal for every customer.

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