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28 May. 19

Why Water Leak Detection Equipment In Rowland Heights Is Changing

Even a small water leak can cause big problems for your home. If you suspect a leak, your best bet is to hire a professional who uses reliable water leak detection equipment to quickly and accurately scope out the problem area. 

Water leak detection equipment uses state-of-the-art technology to find the location of leaks. This eliminates guesswork and lets your plumber address the issue directly.

To learn more about signs of leakage, leak detection services, and the specialized equipment used, read on.

Do You Have a Leak?

Many leaks aren’t immediately obvious. While leaks can go undetected for quite a while, there are some indicators that you may have one. These should be addressed as soon as possible so that extensive damage doesn’t occur.

Water leak repairs should be done right away as water damage worsens over time. Early leak detection reduces damage potential.

Do a Visual Check

Do a thorough visual inspection of your surroundings. Some leaks will cause stains to form on floors, walls, ceilings, and cabinetry. 

Another visual indication of a leak can be wet areas around your property that never seem to dry. These can be indoor or outdoor.

Warped woodwork or unusual or persistent wet areas on the carpet inside or consistently wet areas outside can indicate trouble. Puddles and water flow are especially concerning.

Low Water Pressure

Some leaks may be substantial enough to cause a drop in water pressure. If you notice less water force when you turn on your faucets or spigots, a water leak may be the culprit.

Check Your Meter

Your water meter is a great tool if you suspect a water leak. It’s easy to check your meter to see if the water is flowing when it shouldn’t be.

To see if you have a sizable leak, write down the reading on your meter. Do not run your water for a stretch of 2 – 3 hours. If your meter shows use after a few hours, you may have a leak.

Check the Bill

Sometimes an increased water bill is the first indicator that you have a water leak in or around your property. Your water bill may be much higher than usual when you have water leakage. 

If your regular water usage has remained the same but your bill has increased, it’s probably time to have your property checked for leaks. Professional plumbers use specialized equipment and years of experience to provide a thorough check. 

Calling in a Pro

Sometimes a home or business owner’s inspection isn’t enough when it comes to hidden or underground leaks. In addition to a visual inspection, professional plumbers use special water leak detection equipment to find leaks so the correct water leak repairs can be made in a timely manner. 

Leak detection equipment uses sound and temperature reading technology to find water leaks that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to find. This equipment gets to the source of the problem right away so the proper repairs can be done. It also reduces the destruction that can come with trying to manually find leaks.

Leaks can cause unsightly and structural damage when left unaddressed. This is especially the case with slab leaks. Over time, these leaks can cause cracking and shifting of your foundation as the pressure of the water builds. It’s essential to hire a professional who specializes in leak detection to find and fix these leaks before costly damage is done.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors such as the Goldak leak detector use low noise detection to seek out leaks, especially those in commercial and residential slabs. Extremely sensitive microphones in these detectors pick up on a wide range of leak sounds. These sounds are then amplified and played through stereo headphones that reduce external noise.

This equipment allows for the adjustment of microphone sensitivity, sound amplification, and filter frequency. This makes it easier for the operator to interpret the water leak sounds and take the appropriate action.

These detectors require special training in order to be used correctly. Professionals using the equipment must be able to identify a range of sounds to determine what kind of leak they are working with and how to go about repairing it.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras such as FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras are excellent for detecting leaks in ceilings, walls, and slabs. Like leak detectors, this technology reduces or eliminates the destruction to structures that was previously required for finding leaks.

Thermal imaging cameras use infrared technology to indicate areas where a leak is present. They don’t actually “see” the leak. Instead, the cameras visualize the temperature differences of surfaces due to the presence of water. They do this by detecting infrared radiation levels that are emitted from a surface. 

A difference in radiation levels due to temperature variations can indicate what’s happening within a structure. Areas of leakage will evaporate water so those areas will vary in temperature from the surrounding dry areas. The contrast of areas is used to decide the problem’s location and severity.

Thermal Imaging and Slab Leaks

Knowing a leak location is especially helpful with slabs. Thermal imaging can pinpoint not only the area of the leak but also the depth at which it is occurring.

Infrared technology used by thermal imaging can save the professionals time and help them work more efficiently. This process also saves the customer money, as the process is quicker and less damaging than the old detection methods.

No Leak, No Charge

If you’re in the Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, or Walnut areas and think you might have a leak, we can help. Because our equipment uses new and accurate technology, leak detection can be conducted without destruction.

We offer a variety of plumbing services and specialize in leak detection. If we don’t find a leak, there’s no charge to you.

Water Leak Detection Equipment for Accurate Results

Water leaks can be frustrating and destructive. Finding them quickly with water leak detection equipment saves time and money because it gets to the source of the problem immediately. 

If you think you’ve got a leak, let us help you. We serve the Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, and Walnut areas and specialize in high-tech leak detection. Contact us at 909-341-7249 today for more information!