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21 May. 19

Why Your Older Home Has To Be Seen By A Leak Detector Specialist

Do you live in an old house? Do you see molds and mildew forming inside the bathroom? Are there bubbles forming in your wallpaper?

These are signs that your house is suffering from a water leak. If you fail to arrest water leaks, it may lead to more serious and expensive repercussions.

Not only do your water bills go up, but you may also potentially spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Water leaks can cause costly damages on floors, walls, and your home’s foundations.

To arrest the problem, you need the help of a professional water leak detector.

Continue reading below as we discuss the major reasons to call a specialist.

Leak Detector Specialist: What They Can Do for You

Though you can fix a leaking pipe in your kitchen sink, you cannot say the same for those that are inside your walls, floors, and ceiling. In such instances, you may need to tear down some parts of your old house. This is one tall order that requires the help of a professional.

A leak detector specialist can take on the job. He has the right knowledge and proper tools to find the leak and address the matter, swiftly. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional inspector:

Correct Water Bills

If you have an old home, there is a big chance of water leaks occurring. When leaks happen, your water meter continues to run even if you close all of your faucets. Even a tiny leak can increase your water bills.

A professional leak detector can pinpoint the leaks. Regardless if the leaks emanate from behind the walls or under your floors, the detector can take them apart to accurately locate the root of the problem.

Once they seal the leaks, expect your water bills to normalize.

Protect Your Appliances

When severe leaks occur, they can spread onto your floor. Sometimes, they even reach areas where some of your appliances and precious items are.

Leak detectors can remedy the problem and keep the water from reaching your appliances and furniture.

Defend Your Foundation

The foundation of your home is practically the most important. Not only does it keep your home standing, but it also ensures the safety of the entire structure. But water damage from leaks can compromise your home’s foundation.

Repairing your home’s foundation is one of the most expensive home improvement expenses you can experience. Expect to spend around $4,000 to $10,000 in case the foundation collapses. Sometimes, an expensive foundation repair can reach over $100,000.

Ensure Water Safety

If there is a leak on your water supply pipes, it will likely jack up your water bills. But more importantly, the leaks can compromise the safety of your home’s water supply.

Leaks mean the pipes are open for different types of contaminants. Bacteria can easily slip into those pipes and blend with the water.

In worse cases, leaks on wastewater pipes may contaminate your entire property. But with the help of water leak detection companies, you can restore the safety and cleanliness of your drinking water at home.

Restore Water Supply Reliability

When leaks occur, they can get worse in a matter of days. When pipes burst, it can affect water pressure. When water pressure is weak, expect to have weak water flow coming from your faucets, showerheads, and spigots.

Through professional plumbing and leak detection, you can restore the right level of water pressure that your old home needs.

Avoid Future Repairs

Lastly, hiring a leak detector specialist will save you money in the long run. If you keep your leaking pipes as is, the issues can easily escalate. When things get out of hand, the damages will spread in other areas of your property.

When this happens, you can expect your repair expenses to soar. Spending for a professional leak detector today is cheaper compared to the thousands you may shell out once things go out of control.

Choosing the Right Leak Detectors

Now that you know the importance of hiring a professional leak detector specialist, the next step is finding the right one. Check out these few tips that will guide you toward the right choice:

Experience Matters

First, you need to consider the experience of the detectors. When looking at American leak detectors, find out if they have extensive training.

Research on their previous projects. Do they have happy clients? Or did they receive negative feedback for their services?

Effective Methods

Examine the methods that they use to detect leaks. There is a number of techniques companies use that doesn’t require digging the property.

Find a company the offers some of the latest technologies in leak detection. Go for a detector that uses thermal imaging and electronic leak detection.

Solid Track Record

You also need to look at the track record of the company. How do they fare in the local plumbing community? Do they have a reputation for providing fair and honest quotes?

How about the quality of their output? Do they treat their clients fairly? Did they treat you with respect and professionalism in regards to your inquiries?

Comprehensive Approach

Water leaks can sometimes involve other plumbing concerns. To save time, you need to find a leak detector that uses a comprehensive approach.

Find someone that offers more than leak detection. This will help save you both your time and resources.

Licenses and Accreditations

Lastly, you need to hire a licensed company. Go for leak detectors that are both bonded and insured. This will help protect both parties when things go wrong.

Some companies do not have insurances. This means when their staff gets into an accident, you may end up paying for their medical expenses.

Moreover, companies that don’t have a license tend to offer shoddy output.

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Water leaks in your plumbing system are an urgent matter. So if you’re searching for a leak detector specialist you can trust, look no further.

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